Community Resources

Resources in our Area for: 

*Mental Health
*Domestic Abuse
*Substance Abuse
*Victim's Rights/Assistance
*Housing Assistance

*Health Services
*Employment Assistance
*Emergency Relief & Shelter
*Food Pantries/Banks

The Power of Hello

Used effectively, the right words can be a powerful tool. Simply saying “Hello” can prompt a casual conversation with unknown individuals and help you determine why they are there. The OHNO approach – Observe, Initiate a Hello, Navigate the Risk, and Obtain Help – helps employees observe and evaluate suspicious behaviors, and empowers them to mitigate potential risk, and obtain help when necessary.

Community Ministry Center

Partnering to minister to the needs of the under-resourced.
Executive Director: Matthew Mestemaker

Stafford County Sheriff's Office Shield Program

The Shield program is a communication two-way street. Community partners serve as the eyes and ears of the Sheriff’s Office and serve to directly impact efforts to prevent crime and acts of terrorism by reporting suspicious behavior as soon as possible. You know what belongs and what is out of place. Sharing your perspective and working together, we are better prepared to face the most difficult challenges.

Join Shield

Want to become a member of the Stafford Country Sheriff's Office SHIELD program? Sign up by clicking the link below.

Assisted Living Needs