Are you experiencing the abundant life Jesus came to give you?

Why THE CHURCH UNCHAINED: Luke Nine1&2 Ministries?

Jesus said he came to give us abundant life (John 10:10).  An honest assessment would force us to acknowledge most of the Church is not experiencing this.  Many things are keeping us from knowing the full experience of wholeness, healing and joy the Lord purchased for us at the Cross.  Since Jesus saved us by severing the chain which held us bound to death, why do we so often find that we are not walking in complete freedom?  Many things can keep the followers of Jesus from knowing their full potential in Christ.  The spiritual and emotional wounds all of us have sustained in this fallen world; the lies about ourselves and about God we have believed; and the schemes, wiles, and spiritual attacks directed against us by the Enemy of our souls can effectively bind even those who are in Christ.  The Church needs to be unchained so that she can walk in power and victory as the Lord Jesus intended!  It is the passion of THE CHURCH UNCHAINED:  LukeNine1&2 Ministries to see the Church set free!  This victory will need to be won one individual at a time.  As individual members of the Body of Christ are unchained they are then able to help others to freedom.

What makes THE CHURCH UNCHAINED: Luke Nine1&2 Ministries Special?

THE CHURCH UNCHAINED:  LukeNine1&2 Ministries is a seasoned, level-headed, comprehensive, thorough, biblically based and Holy Spirit led healing and deliverance ministry which understands spiritual warfare.  We treat individuals with dignity and respect at all times as we minister to them in humility.  We understand each person is unique, complex, and created in the image and likeness of God.  We take the time to patiently explain what we do and why we do it as we help people to realize their full potential in Christ.  Our normal practice is to meet with individuals for a three hour appointment.  We judge no one and all details of the appointment are kept confidential.  We have many years of experience in helping people to get free of the chains which have bound them.  THE CHURCH UNCHAINED:  LukeNine1&2 Ministries loves ministering to individuals.  We also have the ability to effectively train churches or other ministries to minister healing and deliverance.  We understand and respect the different streams and traditions within the Body of Christ and we seek to minister effectively through both Spirit and Truth, as God intended for the Church.  Our ministry is free of charge (we may request help with travel expenses if necessary).

Can THE CHURCH UNCHAINED: Luke Nine1&2 Ministries help me?

Is something holding you back?  Do you sense you might be under spiritual attack?  Are you somehow bound to a painful memory or pattern or a particular behavior from which you desire to be free?  Do you struggle with forgiving others, yourself, or God?  Are you depressed or discouraged?  Do you believe God does not or cannot love you?  Do you long to use your abilities and spiritual gifts to honor God, but something always seems to sabotage you?  Are you influenced or controlled by irrational fears, emotions, or behaviors?  Do you have difficulty making wise decisions?  Do you perceive a demonic presence or influence in your life or home?  Is there something which seems to be interfering with a manifestation of physical healing when you are prayed for?  THE CHURCH UNCHAINED: LukeNine1&2 Ministries can help you as we rely upon the wisdom of God and the leading and power of the Holy Spirit.  Usually we see individuals helped to significant freedom and healing in just one session.  It is not unusual for people to tell our prayer ministers they have experienced more release and freedom after a few hours with us than many years of professional counseling had been able to give them.  We respect counselors and doctors, but we believe there is special authority, power and wisdom which is only available to those who minister in cooperation with the indwelling Holy Spirit of God and in the matchless name of our Savior/Healer, Jesus the Christ.  Jesus came to set you free indeed!  We can help you experience this freedom.  Help us unchain the Church!


We  are a legally incorporated nonprofit religious organization in Virginia and are also recognized as a tax-exempt organization by the I.R.S. under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.  All gifts are tax-deductible.  We consider your gifts to us as a sacred trust and all gifts will be acknowledged with an end-of-year statement.  Our Virginia State Corporation Commission ID is 07606403.  Our E.I.N. is 46-1967446.

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