2020 Famine Assistance

for Kager Village, Kenya Africa

June 25th, 2020

Dear RBC Family,
Lovely greetings to you in Christ’s Holy Name! I am pleased to take this opportunity to acknowledge your lovely and ongoing support towards the work we have here in the village of Kager. I am particularly focused with this update on the famine relief support of $ 500 (Kshs. 50,000) which was sent recently.

Thank you for listening and acting as the Holy Spirit prompted each of you. Most of last week, we did move around in sharing the distribution of the food supplies we were able to secure. Due to COVID 19 restrictions, formal gatherings are still not allowed in the Country. Our Church services have not resumed either, so we had to make schedules and meet different group of our Church congregations and communities at different spots.

We also made arrangements for people to come in at the Centre and receive their packages at different times. Through the RBC famine relief support, we managed to get grains such as maize, rice, beans. We also supplied a bar of soap.

We reached out  to 110 families with these supplies. The relief came at a time when the pain of famine is biting hard and so many people are suffering. Families have been overly burdened with the prolonged stay of children at home, closed up business and casual labor opportunities for villagers like where we live and destructive rains which affected families who have their farmlands on low land areas.

I would like to thank you for your timely intervention to stand with many of our Church families and some members of our community. Right now, as a Country, we are headed towards the peak with the corona virus infection. They project that the peak could be somewhere in September or October. This has made the future to look bleak in so many ways. However, I know that the God we serve is faithful and will take each and every one of us through this pandemic.

We have remained in steadfast intercession and prayers for the RBC families, and I am glad you have resumed the in house services. I have been able to be part of the service on you tube, which remains a blessing for me.

The budget for the famine relief supplies was as follows:
  1. 3 Sacks of Maize grain @4800                = Kshs. 14,400 
  2. 2 Sacks of Beans @ 12000                       = Kshs. 24,000
  3. 50Kg of Rice @ 5200                                   = Kshs.  5,200
  4. 11 Boxes of Bar-soap @900                    = Kshs.  7,700
  5. Transport                                                         = Kshs. 2,000
  6. Packing bags                                                 = Kshs. 2,700
  7. Total                                                                    KSHS. 56,000.
For us to meet that budget, I added Kshs. 6000 from my support to make everything work well. I so much appreciate the Church for standing with me at such a crucial time. We moved from one place to another with the supplies as I have said, and for every group we met, these words came resoundingly clear in our ears. “MAY GOD RICHLY BLESS YOU”
Please receive those hundreds of “Thank You” from the lovely hearts of the people who have been refreshed by your act of generosity. Please see some attached pictures taken during the distributions. I remain optimistic that God will continue to reach out to us through you, as He replenishes your bans with abundance and providing all you need and deserve.

Yours In His Service with you!
David Kayando
Dear Church Family,

As many of you know, for the last several years Richland Baptist Church has provided support in various ways to Pastor David Kayando and his ministry in Kager Village, Kenya Africa.
Unfortunately, our friends in Kager Village are not exempt from the many challenges that COVID-19 presents. With nationwide lock-in orders in place, many people have abandoned the cities and returned to the more remote/rural villages. With many people migrating to the villages there is simply not enough food resources to accommodate the number of people now residing in these rural villages. The problem is compounded because many people in the villages depend on day labor to provide for their families. With the stay at home orders in place it has significantly reduced the number of people who can work to provide for their families.  
Concurrently, Kager Village, and much of Kenya, is experiencing heavy rains which is bringing about flooding in many of the low-lying areas. This flooding is destroying many of the harvest fields which is adding to the shortage of food resources.
Due to these conditions there are members within David’s church and the Kager Village community that are already faced with lack of basic food supplies.
Richland Baptist Church would like to partner with Pastor David and Kager Village once again to assist them in their time of need. Richland will be establishing a designated fund titled COVID-19 2020 Famine Assistance for Kager Village. The dollars donated to this fund are for the sole purpose of purchasing basic food products to assist the families in need in the Kager Village community. Periodically, Richland will wire the funds to Pastor David who will be the overseer/administer of the funds in purchasing the needed food supplies. Pastor David will provide a monthly report and pictures to Richland on how the funds are being used to purchase the supplies.
If you wish to contribute, please make checks out to Richland Baptist Church, and put “2020 Famine Assistance for Kager Village” in the memo line. If you give cash, please put it in an envelope and write your name on the envelope and a note that it is for “2020 Famine Assistance for Kager Village” You can also give online at www.richlandbaptist.com.  
Thank you in advance for your generosity!