Serving India

Dear Richland Family,
Here is an update from Pastor George from India. It is summarized as communication was sent in several separate emails.

Dear and Most Beloved Brother Jim,  

Thank you for wiring funds before Christmas. It helps us to have a joyful celebration of Christmas with our widows, orphans, lepers, and with members of our churches. The poor and needy will enjoy new clothes and delicious love feast on the Birth Day of our LORD.   Some brothers and sisters from our churches are coming forward by the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ to participate in Baptismal Ceremony which I am proposing before end of December. I would like to bless them with gifts of Holy Bibles and new clothes. Please pray for this Holy Ceremony.

 Our church youth and Sunday school children will have a Christmas Celebration on the evening of the 24th in our church.  Every evening, they are practicing play kits, songs, dances, etc. They are encouraged and blessed with Christmas gifts in this function. I will send an update after completing Christmas Celebrations, which will go on up to the night of the 31st, ending with a Watch Night Service.

We wish you, Peggy and our friends at RBC and TCU joyful and happy greetings and blessings of the birth of our Savoir Jesus’ Christ, in Jesus’ Name
 I am attaching pictures of our recent visit to our Lepers at LEPER VILLAGE-Tuni.
 With love from all our family,